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Walk of Mercy – 2

Nowadays people have become extremely busy with their jobs and family matters. Most people have forgotten their responsibility toward their parents and grandparents. When parents or grandparents become older they need more emotional support. As a club we always focus to build mentality of social responsibility   within our members’ minds. So as the second step of “Walk of Mercy” we went to Sawusiri Elders’ Home at Pannipitiya on 25th October 2018. We spent the evening by singing old songs and playing simple games with those grandparents and we were able to provide tea and snacks for them at the tea time. At the end of our work, one of the grandmothers delivered a speech to appreciate our work and it was a very emotional speech. By listening to that speech what we realized is that they feel isolated, lonely and depressed all the time. They need someone to share their memories and feelings. Love and affection are also core needs of them as food and medicine.

We left that place with the intention to come again to see them. By taking care of those elders, we received an immense personal satisfaction which is indescribable by words.

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