Why you need to join the Vikings club

November 2, 2018

Almost all of you focusing to find a well-paid job in a well-recognized organization especially in multi-national organizations after your graduation. Since, these organizations also focus on attracting graduates from state universities due to the fact that the graduates from state universities are equipped with not only skills and knowledge but also strength, confidence and potential to face any problem.

So, our point is why you are pursuing others’ imaginations to bring them into the reality without yours? Why you cannot utilize your competencies, strength and potential to start your own business? Sometimes you may lack the attitude to start a business. So that is the main reason why you need to associate with Vikings Club. We are here to provide guidance and the intrinsic and extrinsic reinforcements for you to start a business and to be a successful entrepreneur.

Benefits you will receive from the club:

  • To participate for workshops and motivational seminars relating to entrepreneurship.
  • Opportunity to participate in local and international level competitions.
  • Opportunity to participate inter university business concepts competitions.
  • Ability to associate with experts in different business fields which members are looking for.
  • Help to try business concepts commercially as individually or as partners.
  • Help the organization of innovative events in the University.

The club focus to inculcate their members to consider the social impact of their businesses rather considering only the profit maximization.

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