Diriya Round Table

දිරිය is the Round Table exclusively organized for the very first time in Vikings history for all the young entrepreneurs of Vikings . This could be identified as the platform where a viking could accomplish his/ her entrepreneurial goals.
The main objective of this program was to introduce a platform for our own venture owners who are in search of expertise knowledge , guidance on running their ventures nevertheless who are keen in sharing their experiences , stories of success , failure, issues with fellow Vikings.
The process of this program is very simple. We requested our fellow Vikings to fill a google form , after analyzing each google form carefully , we grouped the members into groups as per their field of business.( eg: all the members who are currently involved in & interested in software development were grouped as a team)
Thereafter expertise from relevant fields were added to each group to guide & direct the discussion.
The discussions were carried out in social media platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Messenger.
It should be mentioned that this program was an initiative of the executive board 2019/2020 of Jpura vikings also a commendable effort of the Neosmart project group 2020 led by viking Chathura Perera.

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