“Throw it my way” pens recycling project

“Throw it my way” pens recycling project is a long-term project strives for maximum waste recovery through recycling, and reuse pens and aims at zero waste to be disposed onto dump-yards and landfills. The long-term objective is thus to reduce the environmental degradation caused by solid waste.
Ultimate objectives of this project are;

  1. To reduce the plastic wastage through collecting used pens and allocate the revenue generated via this, pens recycling funds for the “Vikings Hands for Needy Fund”
  2. To encourage and increase the number of students involved in recycling firstly within our university then we hope to go beyond.
  3. To promote recycling of plastic by a small scale.
  4. To establish individuals and public awareness of environmental issues and impacts and find new solutions for that Last year we were able.
  5. To conduct the first phase of the project within the university.

We have planned to extend our project in schools,educational institutions and in companies as the next phase.

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