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Outreach Sessions


In order to deliver tangible outcome as well as continuing endeavors at the completion of IICE 2019 and within the context of IIVCC, special interest groups (SIGs) are to be formed with distinct focuses. These SIGs are expected to organize (half a day) Industry Outreach (IOR) Sessions dedicated to and with special focus on to unique area preferably also with national/global importance. All these three categories of events are to be organized in parallel at IICE 2019 and presumed to be co-located at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura.    

Each SIG sub-committee has been assigned with a responsibility of completing a report consisting of but not limiting to sections such as Potential Venture Creation Opportunities, Invention and Innovation Areas for further investigations (Think Tank), Action Plans, SIG Registry at the end of each of SIG’s IOR Session.  

Following Areas have been identified as relevant and with national importance. Each SIG could work-out its own plan to organize respective IOR with relevant authorities, industry participation, entrepreneurs and if necessary with foreign delegates with expertise. Further it is expected that each SIG will initiate interactions with relevant (internal/external) parties mainly to complete aforesaid SIG report with agreed level of details to be included that could be shared among IIVCC community. If any confidential finer details and (bilateral) corporate information are to be secured and handled with necessary care as per agreements.       

Respective SIGs are requested to detailed out their IOR programs together with other necessities and submit as an appendix to complete this proposal 

Respective SIGs are requested to detailed out their IOR programs together with other necessities and submit as an appendix to complete this proposal.

Industry Outreach Sessions: 

We have identified following SIGs and to workout possible Industry Outreach (half-a-day) Sessions. 

SIG1:  Food & Agriculture
The modern agricultural practices are rapidly changing with the technology how to maintain the quality of the food with this rapid advancements and the changes that are anticipated will be discussed.

Dr. W.L. Isuru, Prof. Nawaratne & Prof. Ranaweera, Dr. Shirantha, Mr. Anura Jayasinghe (Economics),Miss. Dilhani Ranaweera (Geography)  

SIG2: Energy & Environment
This session focusses on how the traditional fossile energy harvesting methods impact on the environment and the rise of green energy methods.

Dr. Priyan & Dr. Randika, Dr. M.H.V.D.Y. Mudunkotuwa, Mr. B.A. Sumanajith Kumara, Mr. Thisara Sathsara (Geography) 

SIG3: Polymer Technology 
This session focusses on the newest research currently happening in the area of the polymer technology and  the industry related outcom of this research. 

Prof. Laleen, Dr. Nilmini & Dr. Sisira 

SGI4: Biomedical & Health-services 
Biomedical is the newset research area emerging in the country where the tasks of medical professionals are taken over by machines. The implications of this area on future healthcare will be discussed. 

Dr. Subasinghe & Prof. Sagarika 

SIG5: Robotics, Embedded Systems & Emerging Technologies 
The future of social robotics and IOT related cutting edge products how these technologies will be beneficial  to the tech industry of our country. 

Prof. Meegama & Dr. Silva, Dr. Viraj Jayaweera 

SIG6: Media, Mass communication and Creative Arts
The Media of the future how it should be shaped how the innovation will take place inside the spectrum of mass communication utilizing creative arts and traditional heritage values will be discussed.

Prof. Pradeep Rathnayake, Mr. Senani Harischandra, Dr. Sujeewa Hettiarchchi, Ms. Imesha Dharmasena (Masscom), Mr. Nuwan (English) 

SIG7: Tourism, Heritage Management
This session mainly focusses on how to utilize our heritage factors to improve tourism industry in our country. What are the areas that have not yet been identified as potential tourist attractions. And how to improve already identified factors.  

Prof. Sunethra Thennakoon, Dr. Nishantha Hettiarachchi, Dr. Gamini Ranasinghe, Ms. Nelum Rathnayake (History) 

SIG8: Smart Cities and Sustainable Development
The global warming and its implications have emphasized the sustainable development more than ever. So in order to maintain a perfect balance between sustainability and development the need of smart cities are critical more than ever.  

Dr. G.N. Samarasekara, Dr. Shantha Wijesignhe, Mr. Ravi Nandana (Geography), Miss. Nadeesha Abeyratne (Geography) 

SIG9: Good Governance and Business Development
Most of the todays businesses are deviating from good governance and employ unethical business practices due to the fact that the economic environment is very  volatile. How to maintain rapid growth while adhere to good business practices will be discussed.  

Dr. Dhammika Jayawardena and Dr. Thusirth Abesekara, Ms. Imanga Nadeeshani (Political Science)  

SIG10: Mind, Body & Well-being
One of the leading issues in the 21st century is that the imbalance between our mind body and our well-being in order to maintain a healthy life style via striking the perfect balance will be discussed.

Prof. Vijitha Dhamma, Dr. Senaka Amarakeerthi, Rev. Kudakathnoruwe Vineetha, Mr. Sajana (Budhdhist Dept) 

SIG11: Society, Culture & Languages 
How the society is influenced by its culture and the behavioral and thinking patters of the society is influenced by its language,will be discussed.

Mr. W. M. Dhanapala, Mr. Chanaka Udayakumara, MS. Nishani (Criminology) 

SIG12: eGovernment Services & Public Administration 
How the newly introduced eGovernment concepts will eliminate the traditional waiting times and how this will make government services more efficient will be discussed. 

Prof. Lalitha Fernando,  Prof. Champa Hewagamage and Dr. H. M. A. Herath and  Dr. Sisira