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Name and Expertise of the Mentor It can be very challenging for budding inventors/innovators when they first set sail on their journey of research and discovery. Having someone who can impart their wisdom and offer necessary encouragement is an invaluable asset.Having a mentor confers a number of benefits to you. First and foremost, your mentor can help you achieve your research goals. They can act as a sounding board for new ideas and offer advice when you are faced with various research challenges. The IIVCC as a Unit under the umbrella of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura is well-equipped with a wide variety of human assets in the form of experts from various fields. Therefore, the mentors provided by the IIVCC can share valuable insights based on their knowledge and experience. Your mentor can also facilitate important networking opportunities which will help you expand your career in the chosen field.

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Research assistants are provided by the IIVCC to assist in conducting research in various forms. A research assistant’s primary responsibility is to provide assistantship when and where necessary and requested by the researcher.Research assistants generally operate on a temporary basis as they are ad hoc positions. Throughout the research process, research assistants work under the supervision of senior researchers in the team.


Career Guidance Unit  (CGU) –

Joint Research or Joint Venture refers to two or more research teams or businesses combining their research/business skills and resources to achieve a common goal. Joint Research/Joint Venture partners cannot skip the most crucial legal step of their research/venture process. Partners may sometimes concentrate only on their individual goals which can ultimately do more harm than good. How we can you avoid such unfortunate incidents? Start your work with a proper legal backing!

1. Centre for Water Quality and Algae Research – Faculty of Applied Sciences

2. Centre for Advanced Materials Research – Faculty of Applied Sciences

3. Centre for Dengue Research – Faculty of Medical Sciences

4. Centre for Cancer Research – Faculty of Medical Sciences

5. Centre for Kidney Research – Faculty of Medical Sciences

6.Research Centre for Management Studies & Commerce – Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce

7. Multi-disciplinary Research Centre – Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

8. Interdisciplinary Centre for Innovation in Biotechnology and Neurosciences – Faculty of Medical Sciences

9. Centre for Biotechnology – Faculty of Applied Sciences

10. Centre for Forestry and Environment – Faculty of Applied Sciences

11. Innovation Centre for Robotics & Intelligent System (RIS)- Faulty of Applied Sciences

12. Apple research & Development Centre- Faulty of Applied Sciences

13. Centre for Real Estate Studies

14. National Center for Primary Care and Allergy Research – NCPCAR

15. Research Centre for Governance and Public Policy

16. Centre for Plant Materials and Herbal Products Research

17. Centre for Ecosphere Resilience Research

18. Non Communicable Diseases Research Centre(NCDRC) – Faculty of Medical Sciences

19. Centre for Advanced Forensic Research – Faculty of Medical Sciences

20. Centre for Marine Science and Technology (CMST) –Faculty of Applied Sciences

21. Centre for Mindfulness Based Research and Practices – Faculty of Medical Sciences

22. Geophysics and Geodesy Research Centre

23. Centre for Scientific Computing and Advanced Drug Discovery

24. Instrument Centre