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With the support of the IIVCC, a new programme has been launched as IICE in the year 2019 to strengthen the capacity of researchers at USJ to enhance inventions and innovation in science and technology. IICE-2019 was a successful event which opened up avenues for many research-industry collaborations.
The IICE Grant calls for proposals from prospective candidates and the application period opens up annually under nine different categories. Once the applications for IICE grants are advertised on the IIVCC webpage, you may take a look at the preliminary requirements, eligibility criteria, and start applying to secure a grant.
Usually the IIVCC opens up the competitive IICE Grant scheme only once a year. However, based on the importance of the proposal and justifications provided, IIVCC also involves in securing grants for you from USJ.

The novelty of the project is the main pillar to secure a IICE grant.So, why wait till the last moment of application deadlines? We are here to support your innovative ideas before applying for a grant via IIVCC. Feel free to get in touch with us to find out whether your idea is novel. Click below and fill in your request in order to search the national and international patents database

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SIG1: Food & Agriculture

SIG2: Energy & Environment

SIG3: Polymer Technology

 SIG4: Biomedical & Health-services

SIG5: Robotics

SIG6: Media, Mass communication and Creative Arts

SIG7: Tourism, Heritage Management

SIG8: Smart Cities and Sustainable Development

 SIG9: Good Governance and Business Development

SIG10: Mind, Body & Well-being

SIG11: Society Cultural and Languages 

SIG12: eGovernment Services & Public Administration

SIG13: Embedded Systems

SIG14:  Emerging Technologies

University business Linkage (UBL) is a USJ-IIVCC developed platform to render you a helping hand to find a commercial partner for your products, to patent your development, or simply obtain guidance to develop a patentable product. Feel free get in touch with us for more information.

Researchers at USJ who have applied for/already obtained IICE Grants can check your current progress of the application/update current status of your project.

Funded project

2.3.1 Ready to Commercialize (Basic Information of Completed work link to Cloud and    Hybrid)

  2.3.2 Monitoring progress (access only for respective academics)

Learn how to build a professional relationship in research collaborations with the industry or an institution. Before you begin to make a commitment, contact us for guidance/advice.

writing workshops Writing a patent application is a special task, writing the claims for your innovation is an art. Learn how to write a patent application, click below to find out workshops held pertaining to Patent writing.Have a crowd interested in patent writing looking for a workshop? We are here to help you to organize one. Contact us using the below link.

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Research makes a scientist’s world complete. However, research alone will not make this world complete. An amalgamation of research and commercialization always serve the nations.

Looking for an industry to offer your innovation? We help you to make your dream come true. Know the thumb rules, the Do’s and Don’ts.

Identification of IPs arising from University research, Technology transfer and commercialization is one avenue through which research universities engage in economic development. The University Business Linkage Cell (USJ Tech-transfer Office) is the specialized entity for this task, linking the inventions and innovations, to the needs of the industry. Managed by a Director and a dedicated staff, it provides following services to the research and industrial community. Nurturing potential products and technologies through facilitating technical and funding support, and setting up a procedural framework for collaborative work. Facilitating consultancy and advisory services to industry on a broad spectrum of activities including business management, marketing and market research, legal advice, insurance matters, taxation issues, consultation innovation and technologies and technical consulting services. Providing research and development facilities for the benefit of client organizations from industry as well as promoting collaborative research. Enabling the university research community as well as industry the facility of making use of highend (sophisticated) instruments and equipment housed in the Instruments Centre and the Polymers Centre in Excellence. This facility is provided to budding entrepreneurs and industry at reasonable rates.

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