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Success Stories

Most Remarkable Inventions and Innovations of Japura             

Research carried out by university of Sri Jayewardenepura staff and students has made an enormous impact over the decades. You can explore some of the more recent examples in the J’pura Innovations and Inventions. This page features some of our significant successes in recent years.  Our Innovations have in transferring both technology and expertise to external organisations for social and economic benefit.

Translating waste to wealth : Colloidal and nano biochars convert human urine to safe organic fertilizer

Ecosphere Resilience Research Center of the USJ breaks new ground for biochar research in many ways. The latest is mechanically ground dendro biochar, a waste byproduct of the dendro power industry, to colloidal and nano sizes and their performance in treating antibiotics in the synthetic hydrolyzed urine, translating waste to wealth to produce safe organic fertilizer. The research team included Ms. Sammani Ramanayaka; Ecosphere Resilience Research Center, USJ, Manish Kumar; Discipline of Earth Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, India,  Dr. Thusitha Etampawala; Department of Polymer Science, USJ, Prof.Meththika Vithanage; Ecosphere Resilience Research Center, USJ. Human urine is used as an organic fertilizer in various countries; however, it has not investigated the transport of antibiotics into soil matrix, producing antibiotic-resistant microbes in the soil.

USJ and USDA-ARS collaborative research team discovered new Pathogenic Fungal species

The research was a collaborative effort of Ms. Himashi Ferdinandez, Dr. Dimuthu S. Manamgoda, Dr. Mayuri Munasinghe, Prof. Nelum Deshappriya of the Department of Botany and Dr. Dhanushka Udayanga of Department of Biosystems technology, University of Sri Jayewardenepura and Dr. Lisa A Castlebury of United States Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Research Services, Beltsville, Maryland, USA. Research work was carried at the Department of Botany and Department of Biosystems Technology, University of Sri Jayewardenepura. This project mainly funded by the University of Sri Jayewardenepura for Research Grant ASP/01/RE/SCI/2018/036.

USJ researchers found Four mutant Covid Delta variants with two new Sri Lankan mutations (A701S, R24C)

USJ researchers including Prof. Neelika MalavigeDr. Chandima Jeewandara from the Allergy, Immunology and Cell Biology Unit of the Department of Immunology Molecular and Molecular Medicine of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura found delta variant with 4 mutations in the western province of Sri Lanka.

Out of these four mutations, 2 mutations (A701S, R24C) found only in Sri Lanka and 1 mutation (A1078S) was present only in Malaysia and Sri Lanka, while the other mutation (A222V) is the common delta variant present in many other countries.

Publication of Innovations/Inventions Most Remarkable Inventions and Innovations of J’pura

Research carried out by the staff and students ofthe University of Sri Jayewardenepura has made an enormous impact on society over the pastdecades. “Success Stories: Innovate Sri Lanka 2019” – edited by Dr Chitra Jayathilake – is the maiden research publication of IIVCC. Launched in 2019 at BMICH while commemorating the 60th anniversary of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, the first volume of “Success Stories” contains a sample of successful stories of innovations and inventions based on such research. The IIVCC’s webpage titled “J’pura Innovations and Inventions” also features some of our significant successes in recent years. Our Innovations have transferred both technology and expertise to external organizations for social and economic benefit.

IIVCC supported projects at international competitions during 2019

Dr. R. Asha Nimali Fernando, Senior Lecturer (Grade 01) attached to the Department of
Philosophy and Psychology, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has been awarded the ‘Women Super Achievers Award’ and the ‘Innovative Leader Award’ on 16th August 2019 at the Asia’s Education Excellence Awards, presented by the World Education Congress, CMO Asia with CMO council as its Strategic Partner and Stars of the Industry Group as a research partner. The awards of the highest stature are presented to individuals and institutions who have surpassed several levels of their excellence by being role models of exemplary leadership – building their institutions through leadership, innovation, academic and industry interface and supreme objective of building future leaders. Education plays an important role in shaping the destiny of the future in the world, which means the students. The 10th Asia’s Education Excellence Awards has recognized the institutions and individuals who believe that excellence is infinite and can
lead to shaping the destinies of the future of the world. The Innovative Leader Award was awarded to Dr. Asha for her project titled “Ceylon Smart Village – introducing a digital and ethical framework for development” which was first introduced at the Invention and Innovation exhibition organized by the University of Sri Jayewardenepura in respect to the 60th anniversary of the university. The objective of the ‘Ceylon Smart Village’ is to bring the technology to the village with the system to evaluate the problems at the village level, and to achieve the development as a collective effort within the state.

COVID 19 with USJ Innovation

Also the Ventilator has capability of working under safety features to prevent barotrauma and it also powered with web based remote controlling system to change parameters of ventilator and monitor the states of patient. Web based remote monitoring system will be really effective for the state like COVID-19 pandemic.  Students are working on this project to develop it to further more. The ” Medulla” is the second prototype of well functioned ventilator developed by the Faculty of Technology, University of Sri Jayewardenepura to validate the technical feasibility of manufacturing well perform ventilator in Sri Lanka to fight against the COVID-19 global pandemic.


“MEDULLA ” Ventilator

COVID 19 with USJ Innovation

The Centre for Dengue Research at the very onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, initiated PCR testing for the SARS-CoV2 as it was of national importance to do so. Since identification of the first Sri Lankan patient on the 10th of March, they have currently carried out approximately 5000 PCR tests. Dedicated team of scientists have been working all seven days, late into the night, in order to provide such a service.

COVID-19 Testing and Research by USJ Centre for Dengue Research

COVID 19 with USJ Innovation

University students and  academics are always timely and innovative people who use their knowledge and skills. The University of Sri Jayewardenepura is also a haven for fresh and creative students.

 Ventilator to Treat COVID 19 Patients

Patent awarded for a IIVCC supported project- Congratulations!


Patent awarded for a IIVCC supported project.

Project name – Development of a low cost textile waste water effluents treatment unit

Under the SIG- Energy and Environment – 3rd place /Reference Nu IICE#68 (IICE Award winner)

IIVCC supported projects at Sahasak Nimaum Exhibition 2019

University Category- Silver and Bronze Medals
University Category- Silver and Bronze Medals

Faculty of Applied Science
The Silver Medal
Project Title
“ Development of a Seaweed based snack from selected
seaweed varieties in Sri Lanka”
Dr. M.P.G.Vanniarchchy
Mrs. Malshika Jayakody

The Bronze Medal
Project Title
“Gluten –free cupcakes from selected traditional yams of
Sri Lanka”
Dr Isuru Wijesekara
Mrs.D.L. S.Kalhari

19th Apicta Awards Ha lONG Ceremony with USJ

Team Sri Lanka and University of Sri Jayewardenepura retain the Gold at Apicta Award 2019- Tertiary category.

Congratulation and well done Madushi Welikala and mentor Dulan Dias ,Acadamic -Supervisor Dilum Perera.


The Sorting Hat from Harry Potter Project

Magic is something that always mesmerizes and takes us into a whole new world. When it comes to fantasy movies, especially children fall in love with the fictional characters they come across in their favorite movies.This project created a social robot which was designed
to match the Sorting Hat of the famed Harry Potter movie series.
This project team consisted of Adhisha Gammanpila,Asela Wijesinghe, Tehani Wanniarachchi, Viraji Amarajeewa and Dovini Jayasinghe under the supervision of Dr. Ravindra de Silva from the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

Sahurda – ‘Music of the World’ Album

A set of world class professional musicians from the United States of America are giving life to the work of a Sri Lankan composer in this compact disk, possibly for the first time in the history of Sri Lankan music. Pradeep Ratnayake collaborated with these musicians and Professors of music during his time as a Fulbright scholar at the Columbia University, New York, which he attended on United States-Sri Lanka Fulbright scholarship from 2008 to 2010.  The brotherhood he found among the musicians and teachers in New York, and among the Sri Lankans in New Jersey who helped him record this music, inspired the name of this CD.

Wine from Wild Grape Berries

Ampelocissus indica (L.) planch is a wild grape, native to Asia that has not yet been adequately recognized by researchers. This species is abundant in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. As a value added product, wine samples were prepared using fruit of wild grapes and a few wine quality parameters were analyzed proposed by Jean L. Jacobson. Acid level/ titrable acidity, pH level, Specific gravity and Alcohol content (v/v) of wine samples prepared from wild grape berries were 0.72 g L -1 , 3.12, 0.9823 and 13.85 % respectively. It shows that the qualities of wine samples prepared from wild grapes are comparable within the standard quality parameter limits as well as with the normal European grape wine sample qualities.

Dr Champa D.Jayaweera

Sandeshawali Kawinaluwa (සන්දෙශාවලි කවිනළුව)

Sandeshavali Kavi Naluva is founded on Sandesha Kavya, namely; Paravi Sandeshaya, Kokila Sandeshaya, Selalihini SandeshayaGira Sandeshaya and Hansa Sandeshaya written during the Kotte period of the Sri Lankan history. The performance, specifically set against the backdrop of the reign of the king Parakramabahu VI of the kingdom of Kotte during 1412-1467, draws on the traditions of Musical Theatre and Poetic Drama. It enacts the core of the Sandesha Kavya, and portrays on-stage a significant facet of the Sri Lankan literary history to the 21st century audience.

Sandeshawali Kawinaluwa


Sri Lankan traditional rice varieties composed of high amount of nutritional values, antioxidant, anti-amylase and anti-glycation activities.  compared to enriched varieties.

Also, due to the high consumer interest to ready-to-eat snack product, a novel vegetarian cereal bar has developed .

Green leafy porridges made with leaf water extracts, rice and coconut milk are common Sri Lankan dietary remedies. They are good source of minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients.The porridge made of green leaves consumed as breakfast as a practised by most Sri Lankans since ancient times. By preparing rice based porridges and using the knowledge of indigenous medicine health benefits of these porridges can be studied.

A novel tridentate ligand and its fac-Re(CO) 3 L complex as potential imaging and therapeutic agents for lung cancer

A novel napthlane-derivatized ligand and its rhenium tricarbonyl complex have

been synthesized and characterized. Biological studies have shown promising

results where NCI-H292 cells treated with the metal complex indicated apparent

morphological changes, such as cell shrinkage, reduction in cell volume and

irregular cell shapes, which are indicative of apoptoic cell death. Thus, these

compounds could be further investigated as therapeutic agents for lung cancer.

We have been able to formulate a novel potent therapeutic agent for breast cancer through targeting sigma receptors which are over expressed in breast cancer cells. We have also explored the ability of these metal complexes to serve as biological imaging agents. Currently we have some exciting work lined up to explore the use of metal complexes in tracking the various stages of cell apoptosis.

4 patents approved for  Slow Release Nanofertilizer

A novel urea based efficient and slow release nanofertilizer has been synthesized.

The process has been scaled up and tested the efficacy of the fertilizer for rice and tea at farmers field level.

Yield improvements up to 15% has been realized with 25-50% reduction of the fertilizer usage.

Metal complexes for therapeutic and diagnostic applications

Our research focus is application oriented synthesis and characterization of novel metal ligand systems with potent anticancer activity and biomolecular imaging ability.

We have been able to formulate a novel potent therapeutic agent for breast cancer through targeting sigma receptors which are over expressed in breast cancer cells. We have also explored the ability of these metal complexes to serve as biological imaging agents. Currently we have some exciting work lined up to explore the use of metal complexes in tracking the various stages of cell apoptosis.

Low cost Li-ion/S rechargeable batteries using ilmenite

Highlights of the invention

  1. Battery has been designed with environmental friendly materials under normal laboratory conditions which is low cost and with high safety.
  2. The composite anode cell has demonstrated fast discharge of high current for a short period of time.
  3. The anode prepared with ilmenite has demonstrated slow discharge of small current for a long period of time.
  4. Designed battery can be discharged and recharged number of times without losing its performance.

Japura invention:

Nitrile Rubber Paver (Brick) from waste Nitrile Butadiene rubber (NBR)

Patents Dr Rajitha Gunaratne (Bsc.MSc.PhD.) Faculty of Technology University of Sri Jayewardenepura 19709 – Production of Nitrile Rubber Paver (Brick) from waste Nitrile Butadiene rubber (NBR) and Waste Nylon without gamma irradiation 197 I 0 – Production of Nitrile Rubber Paver (Brick) from waste Nitrile Butadiene rubber (NBR) and Waste Nylon with gamma irradiation I 97 I I – Production of Nitrile Rubber Paver (Brick) from only waste Nitrile Butadiene rubber (NBR) We have developed a new rubber paver with crushed Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR). These NBR was collected from waste material from the glove manufacturing process as waste NBR. NBR is collected through coagulation process. To improve their crosslinking properties a gamma irradiation process was undergoes for above material. From this a light weight rubber paver can be manufactured. (Dimensions: length- 195 ± 5 mm, width- 95± 5 mm, height- 50± 5 mm.).

J’apura won a Gold Medal  @APICTA  

Mr. Dulan Dias won the Silver award for “Komposer – Automated Musical Note Generation based on Lyrics with Recurrent Neural Networks” while Mr. Priyankan Kirupaharan won the bronze award for ” Mobile Application to Identify Fish Species”. Both students are from the Department of Computer Science, and both projects were supervised by Dr. T.G.I. Fernando, Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Science.  Faculty of Applied Sciences.

Mr. Dulan Dias was able to bring glory to the Country and University by winning the Gold Medal of the Tertiary Category at the APICTA (Asia Pacific ICT  Awards) 2018 event held in China. Dulan was one of the three nominees from Sri Lanka under the tertiary category but managed to win over the tough competition from the 17 member economies of APICTA which include China, Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Innovation and Venture Creation Council

Three USJP Management Undergraduates won RB Global Challenge 2018

Global Champs of Japura;

Japura students defeated 19 countries in UK

Virgin Fernando of the Department of Business Economics,  Madusha de Silva of the Department of  Finance, and  Umendra Abeynayeke of the Department of CommerceFaculty of Management Studies and Commerce representing Sri Lanka marked their victory at the RB Global Challenge 2018 held in the United Kingdom on 28th and 29th November 2018.

RB Global Challenge is a global competition organized by the Reckitt Benckiser where the young students all around the world have to present their own self-sustaining projects with the purpose of creating a greater social impact while addressing the current social issues in their respective countries.

Dr. Bawantha Gamage, Senior Lecturer from the Department of Surgery

Best Surgical Team Of The Year 2018

Japura Surgical Team

Dr. Bawantha Gamage, Senior Lecturer from the Department of Surgery of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura has won the best surgical Team of the year 2018 award for his commitment and dedication in implementing the modified Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (mERAS) protocol in managing patients with colorectal cancer in Sri Lanka.

Medical Faculty web site

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