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The IIVCC provides great support not only to apply for project grants, but also to support you with novel ideas for innovations and inventions. Thus, utilize this platform to take design/research projects to greater heights. The Invention and Innovation Competition Exhibition (IICE) through IIVCC, fosters and secure USJ researchers to be exposed and recognized. Through IICE you can benefit excellent common research facilities and research support services at the USJ. You can have access to common equipment/facilities in the University, operation training, and technical support on data acquisition and analysis. This page provide support on grant applications, collaborations, and other support to research activities. Young researchers are highly encouraged to apply for project grants.

The novelty of the project is the main pillar to secure a IICE grant.So, why wait till the last moment of application deadlines? We are here to support your innovative ideas before applying for a grant via IIVCC. Feel free to get in touch with us to find out whether your idea is novel. Click below and fill in your request in order to search the national and international patents databases.

Search the Natinal and Internatinal patents database –

Writing a proposal in an important element to secure a IICE Grant. Learn the tips before start writing your proposal:

  • Allow plenty of time to write your proposal and do not rush.
  • Bear in mind that the individuals reviewing your application will often have to read a large number of proposals. Well-presented and clearly written proposals are more likely to stick in the reviewer’s mind.
  • Do a prior search to check the novelty of the project idea.
  • Research proposals do not have to be set in stone, as research often evolves as work progresses. Think of your proposal as a preliminary outline rather than a definitive summary of the final product.
  • Make sure that you acknowledge the authors of all publications you reference in your proposal, to avoid any risk of plagiarism.
  • Make sure that the scope of your research is reasonable and realistic.
  • Make sure that your passion for the research topic shines through. Your proposal should be approached as a piece of persuasive writing – you want to establish the attention of your reader and convince them of your project’s significance.
  • Clear, concise, and coherent writing is compulsory.
  • Make sure that your proposal does not contain any errors. Proofread and edit your work a number of times before you submit it.

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