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Message from the Vice Chancellor

The Innovation Invention and Venture Creation Council (IIVCC) is a novel, multifaceted venture that highlights and creates a space for the academic world and industry, including the public and private sectors, to work concertedly and collaboratively. By the transforming manner in which they generate ventures, the IIVCC contributes dynamically to the educational, socio–cultural, environmental and economic needs and challenges of the 21st century. Set up in 2018 the IIVCC is the first University Council in Sri Lanka for innovations and inventions. It strives to be a facilitator between the researchers and entrepreneurs and develops a strong link between the business and academic worlds. The IIVCC not only extends the existing body of knowledge, but also encourages inventors at USJ to work together leading to commercialization of their novel technologies. This gives a promising future to the inventors whilst protecting the inventions through complying with patent regulations. Moreover, the IIVCC continues to maintain a close contact with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Research, and the Sri Lanka Investors’ Commission which opens up an arena of platforms to expose the talents of USJ to the nation

Senior Professor Sudantha Liyanage
Vice Chancellor
University of Sri Jayewardenepura